Pre Kindergarten

In line with current legislation requirements, students enrolled in the Pre Kindergarten program need to be fully immunised. Please provide a current Immunisation Certificate at the time of enrolment.

Our Pre Kindergarten program aims to prepare students for their transition into ‘Big School’.

The Pre Kindergarten program runs five days a week and a minimum of two days attendance per week is required. Students are involved in a variety of play-based learning opportunities targeted at developing their individual interests along with foundational literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge.

The program runs during school hours on school days. Our Pre Kindergarten teacher is supported by a teacher’s assistant, and specialist teachers take the students for music, sport, information technology and library classes.

By spending time on campus the Pre Kindergarten students become familiar with the school environment and community including class teachers, other students, the playground and where the various classrooms, specialist rooms and toilets are located.

Student portfolios are distributed throughout the year to provide parents with an insight into the activities that the students are participating in.

Later in the year the Pre Kindergarten teachers coordinate visits to the Kindergarten classes where the students can meet the Kindergarten teachers.

Assessment for transitioning to Kindergarten takes place during Term 4 as part of Jump Start. The Jump Start program is when the Pre Kindergarten students are joined by those students joining the cohort in Kindergarten the following year. Teachers will gather information that is used to determine school readiness and ascertain any special needs.