12 August (12.00 pm) - Grandparents Matinee

15-17 August (6.00 pm) - Open Performances

The Peace Child

Two rival tribes, Wannakeekee and Sotongi, dwell on either side of an uncrossable river in the mythical land of Mambica, a place bursting with rhythm and colour.

The lifestyles and values of the two tribes differ, and they constantly try to outdo each other by exhibiting their respective strengths. The Sotongis promote physical prowess above all else, while the Wannakeekees choose to concentrate on more creative endeavours.

The idea of building a bridge across the river to unite the two communities brings the threat of war. As the bridge building proceeds, tension mounts, and fear hangs over both tribes. During this turmoil comes a joyful event – the arrival of the Wannakeekee Chief’s firstborn son. Great celebrations ensue.

However, the elation cannot last long as the prospect of war draws closer.

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