Adventure in the Australian Alps

Thrive Thursday, 03 Mar 2022

Year 9 students have been away on camp this week down in the Snowy Mountains.

Despite the wet weather here on the Central Coast, there has been less rain down in the Snowy Mountains which has allowed students to do the majority of their activities. Due to the high volume of rain, conditions for the kayaking group were unsafe, so students who had chosen that activity joined one of the other three groups - horse riding, hiking or mountain biking.

Horse Riding

Students met their horses and spent time riding at Snowy Wilderness on Tuesday and Wednesday. They have had a blast from all reports and are accompanied by Mr Sirilo, Mr Burke and Mrs Wood. 


On Tuesday, hikers conquered the highest peak in Australia, Mt Kosciuszko, and walked to Dead Horse Hut at Guthega on Wednesday. Both walks were terrific, and the team only encountered a little bit of rain on their journey. 

Mountain Biking

On Monday, students rode in Canberra in the dry and had a great day at Mt Stromlo. On Tuesday, they rode out at Guthega to visit two remote huts that were just beautiful in the Alpine surrounds. The day was more of a touring day; however, there were some very, very challenging hills to climb, which the students showed enormous determination and perseverance. On Wednesday, the group rode some local tracks at East Jindabyne, which took them around the lake, which provided some great trails and beautiful scenery. 

Mr Craig Allum

Camps & Outdoor Education Coordinator

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