Blind (Book) Date

Campus Friday, 18 Feb 2022

A blind date where all you need is a library card and an open mind? Sign. Me. Up.

Cupid worked his magic this Valentine’s Day in the Library, giving the students some blind book dates. Choosing a book based on a single quote (no cover, no blurb) was challenging for some, while others leapt headfirst into their mystery book adventure, excited about what was waiting for them inside the wrapping. 

We hope the students enjoyed the challenge to read something they may never have chosen themselves, forcing them out of their comfort zone and teaching them the valuable, timeless lesson:  

“You can’t always judge a book by its cover.”

Some may say, all you need is love. They may say love lifts us up where we belong. What do we say here in the library?

Just switch out ‘love’ for ‘books’, and you have an idea...

Happy reading, CCAS.

The Library Team

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