Student Named Dancer of the Year

Student Achievement Wednesday, 09 Feb 2022

My name is Maeve Johnson, and I am one of the school captains for 2022. In January, I was fortunate to attend the Showcase National Dance Finals held on the Gold Coast in Queensland. In this prestigious national dance competition, dancers from all across Australia compete for “Dancer Of The Year”.

In August 2021, I qualified for “Dancer Of The Year” in a regional showcase competition. Since then, I have been training extremely hard at Michelle Marees’s School Of Dance in preparation for nationals. I was in the ‘senior’ age division for 16-19-year-olds. Nationals went over a week, and I felt privileged to be dancing alongside such exceptional talent. At the beginning of the week, I performed my ‘Dancer Of The Year’ piece in the heats, competing against 48 other incredible soloists.

I was thrilled with how I performed and made it into the ‘top 10’. From there, I got to dance my piece again. My dance is a lyrical piece entitled “Quiet Uptown” by Kelly Clarkson - a cover of a song from the renowned musical “Hamilton”. I performed my dance in the top 10, to which I earned my place in the top 5. Again, I danced my piece, fighting for a position in the ‘Top 2 Dancer Of The Year’. I was ecstatic when they announced my name for the top 2. I earned my place in the ‘Battle Of The Stars’ show, the prestigious final performance of the National competition where only the highest calibre of dancers perform. Although I was nervous, I was over the moon to have made it this far. I danced my dance for the final time, and I left it all out on the stage. Now in the hands of the five judges, I awaited the awards ceremony.

It is truly a dream come true.
— Maeve Johnson

Being announced as the 2022 “Senior Dancer of the Year” was humbling! In addition to a trophy and sash, I was presented with a trip to Italy in July for two weeks to attend the World Dance Movement - classes where dancers from all across the world gather to take lessons with some of the world’s best choreographers.

“Dancer of the Year” has been going since 1995, with many winners having successful careers in dance. I feel beyond honoured to have won the 2022 “Dancer of the Year” title. I worked so hard for this title, and it is special for me to have achieved this. It is truly a dream come true. 

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