French Classics

Secondary Friday, 19 Nov 2021

We have been making up for lost time in the French kitchen space, since returning to face to face school, with students from Year 9 and 10 turning out some impressive French classics.

Year 10 made delicious savoury and sweet soufflés and learnt first-hand the French saying: “the king can wait but the soufflé can’t”, eating the soufflés as they came out of the oven!

Year 9 went to town with crème brulée and Tarte Tatin, producing both items to a high standard then having fun sharing and comparing.

Finally, this past week, we ran our catchup Frunch which generally would have taken place last term. Students from Years 8, 9 and 10 all got to have their very own Cheese Frunch during class time and learn about cheese culture in France. There were 27 different kinds of cheese to try, and some students took up the challenge and tasted each one! It was great to see students push their ‘tastebud boundaries’ to try new things, resulting in varying degrees of appreciation

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