National Reconciliation Week

Campus Monday, 09 May 2022


Before we go any further “no,” my keyboard isn’t broken and “yes,” I’ve had Grammarly installed since my Avondale University days (yet I am still bombarded daily with their Youtube ads). ‘Wiyabu’ simply means hello in Gathang, the language of my people, the Biripi. If you haven’t heard of the Biripi nation before, our land is now referred to as Port Macquarie.

Here at CCAS, we strive to promote compassion, integrity, perseverance and respect among our students and staff. Therefore, it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge or promote National Reconciliation Week (27 May - 3 June) here on our beloved campus which is situated on Darkinjung land.

The theme of National Reconciliation Week in 2022 is: Be Brave. Make Change. And this is exactly what we are committed to doing. This week, your children will learn some of the amazing practices and histories that belong to our First Nations people. Students will learn about the Brewarrina fish traps (one of the oldest human structures in the world), how to find fresh water in the desert, the history and significance of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags and even what it means to be an Aboriginal Australian.

Of course, there won’t just be information shared this week. There will be a reconciliation colouring competition for our junior students. Similarly, there will be challenges for our high school students should they choose to undertake the call to Be Brave and Make Change. We have also been working closely with the Darkinjung Land Council to proudly fly Australia’s three flags around the school.

For us, ‘reconciliation’ is a verb. With that in mind, I am excited that we are taking these small steps together to celebrate the incredible diversity of our country and its people.

Marrumba (thank you).

Mr Jackson Burke

Indigenous Education Officer

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