Primary Innovation Lab - Update 4

Learn Monday, 04 Apr 2022

What are the 7C's and why are they important to us here at CCAS? How is this related to our new Primary Innovation Lab?

Independent learning in primary schools in Australia has sometimes been forgotten as a focus, or perhaps treated as a lesser skill when compared to developing obedience (a compliant attitude) or rule-following. Alongside our school's strong academic focus, we also incorporate into our programs skills that build students’ independence, confidence, communication and willingness to own their learning through the promotion of six global competencies. (Michael Fullan, University of Toronto, Canada). As a faith-based school, we have added a seventh 'C' to reflect the importance that we place on each individual having the opportunity to discover Jesus Christ through their experience here at CCAS.

These competencies include:

  1. Critical Thinking: Using reasoning and analysis to respond to and assess situations, experiences, and problems.
  2. Collaboration: Working together as a team and incorporating the skills and talents of each individual to create a better outcome.
  3. Communication: Presenting information clearly to inform, persuade, or motivate, while also listening to and valuing others’ opinions, voices, and evidence.
  4. Creativity: The ability to innovate and explore new ideas for problem-solving.
  5. Citizenship: Learning your connection to, and role in, global society and culture, and how you can contribute.
  6. Character: Developing compassion integrity, perseverance and respect (our core school values).
  7. Christianity: Invites individuals to have a  personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Chrisitan worldview enables individuals to make decisions based upon authentic teachings of the Gospel that respect the dignity of the human person, in a just and sustainable manner as students are encouraged to make a difference in their world.

As an education provider, it’s important to create opportunities and spaces for students to engage in independent learning. Independent learning has been a key development over recent years at Central Coast Adventist School, with increased student agency in learning through project-based learning, design process practices, hands-on approach to many subjects, presentations from experts to students on a variety of educational topics and (where possible) excursions that help students to relate learning to the real world. 

Our Primary Innovation Lab program will provide students with amazing opportunities to learn with their hands, as well as with their heads, and to do so in a manner that promotes individual design concepts.

Mrs Joanne Andrews

Assistant Principal: Teaching & Learning

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