Sabot Sailing Nationals Winner

Student Achievement Sunday, 25 Jul 2021

During the Term 2 school holidays, Miles Greenwood from Gosford Sailing Club competed in the Sealink 57th Sabot Nationals held at Townsville Sailing Club. The six-day sailing competition is usually held over the new year but was postponed six months due to the COVID 19 outbreak last year. Miles was the favourite after winning the NSW State Title two years running and coming 2nd at the 56th Sabot Nationals in Vaucluse, Sydney.

The car ride took 21-hour each way to Townsville, towing the rib and sabot over 2200km. We saw many different statues, including the Big Banana, the Big Pineapple, the Big Mango and the Golden Guitar.

It was hard to tell if the nationals were going to be on or not.  The organizers had to squeeze 1-week nationals into a 2-day national event to enable the 38 sailors in Townsville to compete. Unfortunately, 19 people could not make it into the nationals because of the extended COVID restrictions in Sydney and could not fly.

The conditions were very light in the 4 days of training. It was not very fun and was making Miles nervous for the nationals. Day after day, the wind started to get windier, which was very good. When the nationals started, the wind was great but not perfect because it was very shifty, making it hard to sail. On the last day, the weather was good and windy, which were the type of conditions Miles and the more experienced kids like sailing in.

The Lionel Shipway medal is awarded every year and recognizes sailors who have competed in six sabot nationals and/or sabot week regattas. It acknowledges sailors' efforts who consistently compete and apply themselves in Sabot sailing, irrespective of where they finish. This year was the 6th Nationals for Miles and 2 other competitors.

Miles sailed really well, finishing with a total of 8 points. Out of the eight National races, Miles received five 1st places, two fourths and one third. This positioned Miles as the winner of the Sealink 57th Sabot Nationals held at Townsville Sailing Club.

Miles now needs to decide if he will return to defend his title at the Lake Macquarie City Council 58th Sabot Nationals in December held at Teralba Amateur Sailing Club on Lake Macquarie.

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