Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health

Posted on May 04, 2017

Here is what Monique had to say reflecting on her:

I spent time talking to the senior girls about mental health and how it's NOT weak to speak!

Even though 1 in 4 people face a mental health issue in their life we still seem to feel alone, feel ashamed or feel like a burden to talk - YOU ARE NOT ALONE, don't be ashamed, and YOU are NEVER a burden! I'm standing up to the stigma on mental health!

A topic that came up with the girls was the power of social media today. It's true, it's taking over our world and now our schools, leading to low self esteem issues, bullying and mental health issues - IF YOU LET IT... Please don't compare yourself to others you see on Instagram - comparison is the thief of joy. Remember Instagram is often only the highlights of people's lives. Their lives are NOT perfect and the social media world can be so fake, you don't know what happened in their day before or after that happy snap was taken, or what apps they have used to shrink their waist, smooth their skin, etc. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL just as you are! Don't feel the need to follow the footsteps of an Insta-famous persons life - it won't bring you happiness, YOU are responsible for your happiness! Don't let likes make you feel liked, don't let a certain amount of follows make you feel hollow! You are much more important than a number on your Instagram page, a number on the scales, or a number on a exam paper!

In this photo I have a quote up it says, "Shout out to all the girls out there trying to love themselves in a world that's constantly telling them not to!"

It's tough! The world sure throws some battles at us but we are often the biggest obstacles to our own happiness, it's the way you let the world tell you you're not good enough! Why are you letting the world depict what you should look like and how much money you should have - the only thing you should let the world do is show you how strong you are against it and how much love and happiness you can project into it!