Students Appreciate Scientific Method

Secondary Monday, 14 Mar 2022

Year 8 students were fortunate enough to have fine weather for their Science incursion on Wednesday. Students spent three periods conducting the experiments that they had designed for their Student Research Projects.

Across the four Year 8 classes, students had researched one of 10 different questions, constructed a hypothesis and designed an experiment to test it. There were groups dropping balls on different surfaces and measuring their bounce height, groups determining the best type of cup to keep a drink hot and groups testing how temperature affects the action of yeast to name a few.

There was a high level of excitement as students implemented their plans, collected their data and began processing their results. Student and teacher feedback about the day was really positive, with students now well on their way to completing their reports and increasing their appreciation for the scientific method.

Mrs Leanne Kirby

Head of Science

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