Wellbeing Class

Thrive Friday, 25 Feb 2022

Year 8 students have commenced their Wellbeing classes.

Students have been challenged to explore  two main questions:

  1. What does wellbeing mean to me?
  2. What does wellbeing look like in my life?

Students responded to these questions creatively using words, pictures or a combination of both. Students explored self, identity, the things that make them unique and the elements that shape their lives. They created a 'virtual locker' to share their responses.

Students have had the opportunity to explore what health and wellbeing support options are available to them whether that be websites, online chats, apps or other services.

Students will regularly participate in activities that support their mental health and wellbeing with the aim of building their 'toolbox' of ideas to self soothe and cope with situations or emotions that challenge their wellbeing.

Mrs Angela Hamilton

Stage 4 Wellbeing Leader

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