HRIS Events

From time to time you will hear about sporting events for HRIS. HRIS stands for “Hunter Region Independent Schools” and is a part of the Independent Schools Association. 

In the Hunter Region there are approximately 17 independent primary and secondary schools that meet throughout the year to compete in various sports (eg. swimming, athletics, cross country, basketball, soccer, netball, etc). Inter-school competition starts in Year 2 or for students who are 8 years and over. 

Try outs for team events will take place throughout the year and training usually takes place during school lunch times or before or after school. Top place-getters from our Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country events will be sent to represent our school at these gala days – most of which are held in the Newcastle area. Successful students will then go onto represent the Hunter Region at the Combined Independent School events. 

Students who excel in this area can progress through this system and go on to NSW state teams and on to National levels. 

In the past few years we have had some students reach State and National levels in Touch Football, Basketball, Water Polo and Netball.

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