Mobile Phones & Portable Devices

Primary Students

Students are permitted to bring a mobile phone to school, but they are not permitted to use it whilst they are at school. The phone should remain in their school bag or be given to the class teacher for safekeeping.

If a phone or other device is used at school, the teacher may confiscate the device and give it to the Head of Primary.

Technology in the form of mobile phones, iPods, iPads, tablets and other such devices are not permitted on excursions or overnight camps in Primary School. If your child wishes to bring a camera for photographs, it must be a digital camera only. Staff take photos on excursions, carnivals, etc and will make these available to parents.

Secondary Students

Mobile phones and portable devices must be switched off during class time. Students who use their phone or device during class will have it confiscated for the day. Please do not call or text students during class time unless it is an emergency.

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