What is SEQTA?

SEQTA is the Learning Management Portal that we use here at CCAS.  Student attendance, pastoral care and academic progress are all tracked via this portal. Parents are provided with access to the portal and are encouraged to log in regularly. There are also resources and other information that can be accessed.

  • SEQTA Engage provides parents/guardians with access to key student information
  • Each SEQTA Engage user account is unique to the specific students
  • Families with multiple children at a school will be able to view their children’s
  • information from the one SEQTA Engage account
  • Students and parents/guardians cannot access information for other students
How is SEQTA Engage accessed?

SEQTA Engage can be accessed in two ways:

  • through the website on a computer or tablet
  • through the app on a mobile device

* The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

How do I log in?

Browser Instructions

Steps to login through the website:

  1. Open a web browser (Firefox, Chrome etc) 
  2. Enter the SEQTA Engage website - https://centralcoast.cp.adventist.edu.au/
  3. Enter your username and password 
  4. Click "Log in"

App Instructions

Parents/guardians can download the SEQTA Engage app.

Install the app on your device from the iOS Ap Store or Android Google Play store.

The following steps assume that you have a username and password for SEQTA Engage. If you don't, please contact the school before proceeding. You will also require the school URL https://centralcoast.cp.adventist.edu.au/

  1. Download and install the SEQTA Engage app (parents)
  2. Open the app and click Next until the Manual Setup option displays.
  3. Enter the school's URL https://centralcoast.cp.adventist.edu.au/
  4. Click Continue
  5. Enter your 'username' and 'password'
  6. Click Log in
What can be viewed?


The landing or Splash page is the first page a user will see once they’ve logged into SEQTA Learn or SEQTA Engage.


View assessment information and results. Students can upload e-submissions and submit online assessments.


Course and lesson content, drawn from teachers’ programs.


Access to dashlets, e.g. homework, pastoral care notes, task manager, etc.


Access to view school document repository. This might include school policies, handbooks, canteen menus, etc.


Students can access and edit, if applicable, their yearly goals.


Pages set by the school which could be internal communication pages, e.g. Music department or Cricket team, or embedded views of other websites, e.g. library catalogue, school website.


Access to previous academic reports.


Profile management.


Student timetable.

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