Our focus is delivering the very best learning experience for your children, to give them the best preparation for life now and into the future.

Our holistic approach to education seeks to give each child the ability to develop across all facets of life. This is achieved through a broad range of experiences and opportunities that extend beyond the classroom and enhance the classroom experience to broaden students skill base, resilience, social and emotional skills in a fun, engaging and challenging environment.

We understand that an important aspect of a child’s learning and development is for them to set high goals. As a school we have an absolute belief in the ability of our students to achieve these goals and we work with each of them to that end. Each student has different talents, strengths and weaknesses and, as a result, they have different ways of learning. Because of this the learning experience for each child needs to be tailored to accommodate their strengths and address the challenges that they may face.

We are intentional in providing opportunities for all children to find success at school.

Education is a partnership between the school, students and families. A key component of this partnership is regular communication to share the positive achievements of your child as well as the challenges that they may face at school.

Technology integration is embedded into school life based on a 21st Century approach to learning that gives each child the opportunity to develop the skills of creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. Technology has an important part to play, not as the focus of learning, but as a powerful tool to enhance the teaching of those skills.