Our Wellbeing Program is structured to provide networks of support, guidance and encouragement for our students, so that no student feels lost or overwhelmed.

We are committed to working with parents and guardians to ensure each child thrives in their learning experience.

Whole school approaches to student wellbeing have far-reaching positive impacts on mental health and resilience and enhance prosocial behaviour and learner engagement.
— Student Wellbeing Hub 2020
CCAS Wellbeing Framework

The CCAS Wellbeing Framework outlines our school’s approach to wellbeing for young people. Our components are:

CCAS Wellbeing Framework

Our approach has many pieces, including:

  • The CCAS Way
  • The wellbeing Room
  • Wellbeing Check-in Times
  • Camps
  • Ei Pulse
  • Chapels
  • Specialty Classes
  • Friday Fams

To learn more about each of the pieces, click here.

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