Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarship applications for Year 7 in 2022 are now closed.

Awarding of Scholarships
  • Scholarships of up to 100% of tuition fees (i.e., elective and other costs are still payable) are available to students offered a scholarship.
  • Scholarship exams are open to all students who commence Year 7 in the following year.
  • A $70 application fee is payable on submission.
  • All scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Scholarships Committee. Scholarship tests are supplied and marked by an independent third party. The school does not share applicants’ results with parents/guardians. Scholarships decisions are final.
  • The conditions below are indicative of the high standards students must demonstrate to be considered for a scholarship offer.
  • To maintain a scholarship, recipients must continue to demonstrate high standards of behaviour, strong academic results and active involvement in the school community (see further details below).
  • Subject to meeting the conditions to maintain a scholarship, it is expected that the scholarship will remain in place until the student graduates Year 12 at Central Coast Adventist School.
  • If the student leaves the school before graduating from Year 12, the school may, in some instances, require repayment of scholarship benefits already awarded.
Scholarship Requirements and Conditions

To maintain a scholarship, students must:

  • exhibit high standards (As or Bs) in application and behaviour.
  • maintain a high standard of conduct within the school community at all times.
  • demonstrate a positive influence within the school community.
  • demonstrate high standards in relation to attendance and uniform.
  • achieve high academic results in their reports (As or Bs).
Cancellation of Scholarships

A scholarship may be cancelled if:

  • the recipient fails to maintain the high standards and expectations as set out above.
  • the recipient is suspended or excluded from the school.
  • the student leaves the school.

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