Primary School

Our school’s mission statement is for us to be a community where we all thrive and live abundantly in Jesus. Our school values come from this statement – Compassion, Integrity, Perseverance and Respect. We seek to develop these values in our children, and they are the same values that we also hope to instil in our staff and our whole community.
— Mr Craig Davis, Head of Primary School

It is unsurprising that these values are displayed upon the walls of our classrooms and are evident in the way we interact with each other and our families.

We aim to encourage students’ love for learning through a broad range of enriching activities. A major focus is, of course, on Literacy and Numeracy; however, we aim to develop students to be well-rounded and ready for their place in the world. Students are offered the opportunities to explore and succeed in Art, Music, Information Technology and Sport.

The artist, Mackenzie Thorpe, depicts children with large, white heads in some of his paintings. He explains it this way:

‘The big heads symbolise children: new, uncorrupted, their heads full of endless possibility, open to whatever comes their way. It is only as we grow older that we become narrow and closed. Let’s keep our heads as big as possible. Continue to marvel at the beauty of nature, revel in the smell of the flowers and thank God you’re alive.’
— Mackenzie Thorpe

At Central Coast Adventist School, our classes include positive experiences that value and encourage students’ curiosity of their world. We endeavour to develop our students to be ready for the future, so they can confidently embrace the opportunities ahead of them.

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