Secondary School

Learn. Thrive. Believe.

Rarely do three words give you a clear understanding of a school. At Central Coast Adventist School, these words clearly emphasise what we value.
— Mrs Tracey Bennetts, Head of Secondary School

In Secondary School, we desire that your child will not only enjoy the learning process at school, but will feel supported to become a lifelong independent learner. While we use a range of learning platforms in class, we also encourage students to work collaboratively on projects to build real-life skills.

We provide a holistic approach to education at Central Coast Adventist School (CCAS), so that our students have every opportunity to thrive in all aspects of their development.

We value relationships; our students feel that someone cares about them and takes time to understand them, listen to them and connect with them.

We have a Positive Behaviour System that identifies and encourages students who are reflecting our school values – Compassion, Respect, Integrity and Perseverance.

Our Christian beliefs are our foundation. Everything we do at CCAS is seen through the lens of our values and beliefs. Our staff display and mirror these values. We celebrate them every day in Staff Worship, Roll Marking and Pastoral Care with our students, and our weekly Chapel program. We believe that we are loved and saved by Jesus Christ.

Students at CCAS come to understand what we would explain as ‘character mathematics’.

What you say + What you do = Who you are.

It is where beliefs, values, learning and thriving all come together.

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