Caring for the wellbeing of students is central to CCAS’s vision and mission. All children should be able to learn in an environment in which they feel safe, known and supported.

Our Wellbeing Program is structured to provide networks of support, guidance and encouragement for our students, so that no student feels lost or overwhelmed.

The Wellbeing Program is guided by our vision and mission, but also by our four school values: Compassion, Integrity, Perseverance and Respect. These values act as a lens for all we do, and they inform The CCAS Way, the Positive Behaviour System the school has implemented.

The CCAS Way provides the framework for harmonious social interaction and behaviour management. At CCAS, we prioritise affirming the positive behaviour that aligns with our school values.

In the Secondary School, each year level is assigned a Year Coordinator, who is responsible for overseeing the wellbeing concerns of the students in their care. The Year Coordinator functions to develop positive relationships between students, their families and the staff.

The Year Coordinator also works closely with our School Counsellors who are available to assist students and their families in matters relating to their personal, academic and social wellbeing.

Students attend a Pastoral Care class in Year 7 and for the most part, stay with this group of students and their Pastoral Care Teacher for their journey through Secondary School. This means students are known and supported by one teacher.

Within the Pastoral Care classes, students begin the day by mindfully connecting with God. The content also seeks to grow a student’s sense of connectedness and develop their character by teaching them about our values: the vision of responsible behaviour at CCAS.

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