Starting High School

Welcome to Year 7 at Central Coast Adventist School!
— Tony Kent | PRINCIPAL

Whether your child is joining our school for the first time in High School or has been here for some or all their Primary years, we want them to feel welcome and supported as they make this important transition to the next phase of their schooling. 

I hope that you find the information shared helpful in answering any further questions you may have and look forward to partnering with you over the next six years of your child’s secondary education.

Tony Kent

Five news things in High School 

There are some different ways of doing things in High School that you may not be used to. After a while, they will not be new but will be part of what you do every day. However, for the first little while, they will take a bit of getting used to. You will be given plenty of time, guidance and help from our teachers to settle into High School. 

We look forward to getting to know you!

1. Managing a timetable and having all of your resources with you for each class.

Print a copy of your timetable and stick it to the inside of your locker door. Colour code it the same as your SEQTA timetable which will be on your laptop.

You could also colour code your folders to match the subjects on your timetable.

2. You will move around the school and go to different classrooms.

HS classrooms have numbers on the doors.

A classroom with the room number below 50 is in on the bottom floor and a classroom with a number above 50 is on the top floor. The numbering starts at the basketball end of the building and goes clockwise from there.

Download Secondary Campus Rooms

3. You will be issued with a locker.

Put a lock on it - a locker is not a locker unless it has a lock on it! Your school bag will need to go in the locker and you will have a shelf to put things on.

Keep your locker tidy and clean it out regularly. Don’t leave food in there - it goes off very quickly and smells really bad.

4. You will have a different teacher for each subject.

Having a variety of teachers is like a big box of chocolates - there are plenty of opportunities and you will get to know a lot of staff in the first term.

Teachers are skilled in their particular subject.

5. You will be doing some subjects for the very first time.

Enjoy doing new things in High School.

Academic Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How much homework will I expect in Year 7?

The amount of homework a student receives each week will differ depending on the subject, due date of assessment tasks and their completion of class work. Some subjects will have regular homework assigned, like Mathematics, whereas other subjects may assign homework to be completed over several weeks. 

Students may be expected to complete unfinished class work at home and will need to work towards the completion of assessment tasks and preparation for tests as homework. While the amount of time students need to spend on homework will vary throughout the year, students should not be doing more than 2 hours of homework a night. A description of homework given to the whole class to complete will be assigned and accessed through the SEQTA Learn and Engage portals.

When do I wear my PDHPE/Sport uniform?

Year 7 students only wear their PDHPE/Sport uniform on their Sports days (Friday), and the days they have PDHPE practical blocks. The PDHPE teacher will advise students.

    What do I do if I am sick?

    If you are in class and feel sick, let your teacher know and they will direct you to Rebecca in the High School Admin Office.

    If you are not in class, see Rebecca in the High School Admin Office.

    What do I do if I forget my lunch?

    Go to Rebecca in the High School Admin Office and she will provide you with a canteen voucher for a basic lunch which will be charged to your school fees.

    What do I do if I hurt myself during breaks or class time?

    During class, let your teacher know and they will direct you to get help.

    During break times, report to the teacher on duty (wearing a fluro vest) and they will direct you to get help.

    What if I can’t get into my locker?

    Mr Kranz may be able to open your combination lock or he may have to use the bolt cutters to cut the lock off. 

    Students should not change the combinations on other student’s locks or access someones locker without their permission.

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