Students will receive homework from most subjects which may consist of:

  • Completion of classwork
  • Reading (novel or other text)
  • Practise worksheets
  • Revision for tests
  • Completion of assessment tasks

Due dates will be given ahead of time for most homework that provide some flexibility. Work given to the whole class will be assigned by teachers in SEQTA and accessible via SEQTA Learn for students and SEQTA Engage for parents.

While the amount of homework is expected to vary daily, no student should spend more than 90 minutes a night completing homework. If your child is struggling to complete homework in a reasonable time frame, encourage them to seek help from their teacher. Alternatively, parents can send an email to the class teacher.

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3.00 - 4.00 pm, Homework Help is run for Maths & Science and English & HSIE. During these times, students can access specialist teachers who can assist them with completing their homework and assessment tasks, skill acquisition and revision for tests and examinations. The timetable is posted on noticeboards so students know what/when help is available.

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