Technology Expectations

Technology use is a specific component of 'The CCAS Way'. 

Students are taught to interact with others compassionately when online and use the THINK acronym. Is your online communication True, Helpful, Inclusive, Necessary & Kind. 

The specifics of technology use at school are informed by the  IT policy and the Phone Policy. 

The IT policy outlines the acceptable use of school IT facilities. Including things such as: 

  • School internet
  • School email
  • BYOD 
  • School educational platforms

The phone policy ensures that learning and social interaction are balanced and not compromised by mobile phone use.  

  • Students may access mobile phones until the 8:35 am bell and again after 3:00 pm.
  • Phones are to be out of sight during the school day. 
  • Note: Students may access phones if permission is granted and supervised by staff.

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