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Stage 5 Subjects and Electives


Year 9 provides students with their first opportunity to choose subjects. This allows students to follow their interests and begin to consider what their career pathway may require. Stage 5 also sees the commencement of external reporting which is linked to the Record of School Achievement (ROSA). Students will also be working on more formal assessment tasks.


Students are developing more independence in their decision making. These years also have the potential for a less academic focus as students become increasingly focused on social activities.


You will be able to find our range of Stage 5 elective subjects with information on each one to help inform your decisions for Years 9 and 10. Students are encouraged to choose subjects that they are good at and that they like - as they will spend a significant part of the next two years learning and completing work for them.


Students will make one choice from each of the two lines on offer.

* In any given year, some of these electives might not be available. The subjects that will be available for students are based on the preferences made by the cohort. It is also important to note that elective subjects require a minimum number of students enrolled for the subject to be offered. The final decision is at the discretion of the School Administration.

The structure of the subject lines may vary from year to year based on the data collected from students.

Key Contacts

Below are some key contacts if you have any questions. 

  • Subject teachers will answer specific questions about their subject. 
  • See each subject page (on the left-hand side menu) for contact information.

We are here to support you and guide you as you continue your education here at Central Coast Adventist School. 

All the best with your decisions!

Board-Endorsed Electives

Non Board-Endorsed Electives

Core Subjects

NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA)

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