The Mathematics 7–10 Syllabus describes a continuum of mathematics learning from Kindergarten to Year 10. Students complete Stages 1 to 3 in primary school and Stage 4 during Years 7 and 8. Stage 5 Mathematics is completed during Years 9 and 10. At the beginning of Year 9, students are divided into three levels depending on their skill and achievement in Mathematics in Years 7 and 8. Students may change levels during Year 9 or Year 10, but this may only be done if performance warrants such a change.

The levels are:

Stage 5.1

This is the easiest course and builds on knowledge and skills from Stage 4, and provides the opportunity for students to experience some of the applications of mathematics to their lives. Students that follow this pathway are not recommended to continue Mathematics in Year 11 and 12. Please note that there is a pathway that these students could follow. It is called Standard 1 but is not currently offered at CCAS.

Stage 5.2

This is the “intermediate” course, and a sound grasp of Stage 4 concepts and skills is needed. It includes and extends the knowledge and skills achieved in Stage 5.1. This course is a good basis for Mathematics Standard in Years 11 and 12.

Stage 5.3

This is the “advanced” course and the most challenging and abstract. It includes and extends the knowledge and skills achieved in Stages 5.1 and 5.2. It caters for students who perform to a high level in Mathematics and wish to undertake Mathematics in Years 11 and 12 (Stage 6). The relevant Stage 6 courses leading from 5.3 are Mathematics Standard or Mathematics Advanced. If students have excelled in the 5.1/5.2/5.3 course, they may wish to consider Mathematics Extension 1 or Mathematics Extension 2.

The diagram below represents available pathways of learning in Mathematics from early Stage 1 to Stage 6. Students exhibit a wide range of mathematical skills, levels of competence, and aspirations. Some students may be aiming to develop the mathematical skills necessary to function in daily life and various work contexts. Other students may seek to address more challenging mathematics to prepare them for the highest-level courses in Years 11 and 12.

NOTE: Students at Central Coast Adventist School will be placed in an appropriate class going into Year 9 based on their mathematics results from Year 8.

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