Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies is an integral part of the academic program at Central Coast Adventist School. It is a school requirement that all students complete the Biblical Studies course in Years 7 to 10.

Biblical Studies is not just about academic outcomes; it also provides students with opportunities to develop interpersonal skills, form worldviews, and identify the importance of serving others. Most importantly, it provides students with an opportunity to develop a personal relationship with God.

In Biblical Studies, Stage 5, students will develop:

  • knowledge of the Bible and who God is
  • an understanding, appreciation and respect of the individual’s search for truth, value and meaning
  • skills in inquiry and communication
  • skills in working both collaboratively and independently
  • an understanding of how to increase their significance in the world through connection

The topics covered in Years 9 and Year 10 include:

  • The Reality of God
  • God’s Gifts: Creation
  • Dealing with Suffering
  • Ethics and Relationships
  • The Bible: Trustworthy and Enduring
  • The Story of Daniel: Stand Up!
  • God on Earth: Jesus
  • iLink: Creating Meaningful Connections

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