History Elective

Course Summary

The History Elective course in Stage 5 is designed to give the student a broader understanding of world history from ancient times to the modern world. Students will be able to examine a range of historical studies and examine the forces that create change in the world. These forces are as relevant today as in the periods where they first occurred.

The History Elective course consists of three topics:

  • Topic 1: History, Heritage and Archaeology 
  • Topic 2: Ancient, Medieval and Modern Societies 
  • Topic 3: Thematic Studies 

At CCAS, options can include the following but can be altered depending on topics students are keen to explore:

  • Archaeological sites, eg. The Sutton Hoo Burial Site or remains on WWI battlefields
  • Ancient Greece & the Olympic Games
  • Heroes & Villains in Victorian England eg Jack the Ripper
  • Do the ends justify the means? eg dropping the atomic bomb
  • Piracy: From early times to the modern era eg, the Golden Age of Piracy, think Pirates of the Caribbean to modern-day piracy in the Middle East and Asia
  • Real Australian History: Rum Rebellion, Eureka Stockade, testing of atomic bombs in Australia
  • Terrorism in World History: an investigation into the nature and causes of terrorism from ancient times to the Middle Ages and in the Modern Age. A key focus is how terrorism is depicted in movies like Munich.

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