Design & Technology

Course Summary

By the end of Stage 5, students investigate, analyse and apply a range of design concepts and design processes. They apply and evaluate a process of design when developing design ideas and solutions. Through engagement with project work, students develop skills to manage time as they sequence, produce and evaluate in relation to a design process.

Students develop knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the relationship between past, present and emerging technologies and innovation activities, and evaluate and explain the impact of these on the individual, society and on environments.

Students demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the work and responsibilities of Australian and overseas designers and analyse factors that affect their work. Students work responsibly as they evaluate designed solutions that reflect preferred futures, the principles of appropriate technology and ethical and responsible design.

Students demonstrate skills in innovation and enterprise in their project work. They communicate ideas about designed solutions to a range of audiences. They apply technological skills to select computing software applications in order to develop documentation for project work and to communicate designed solutions.

Students apply risk management strategies and safe work practices when selecting and using a range of appropriate technologies to competently develop quality design solutions.

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