Industrial Technology (Engineering)

Course Summary

In Industrial Technology (Engineering), students have the opportunity to develop Engineering Skills and an understanding of Engineering concepts through the completion of practical projects. Students will become their own project managers, who first build a framework of understanding around diverse engineering concepts and then design and construct unique solutions to the engineering problems they face.

Previous Industrial Technology (Engineering) projects have included:

  • Balsa Wood Bridge and Tower Construction
  • Laser-cut Mechanical Vehicles
  • Water Rocketry
  • C02 Dragsters
  • Lego Robotics

Students will develop skills using:

  • Sketching, 3D Modelling and planning through various practical and digital methods
  • Emerging technologies; such as 3D Printers, Laser Cutters and Sticker Cutters
  • Workshop tools and machinery such as a Band Saw, Drill Press, and Spray Booth
  • Electrical devices, such as soldering irons and voltmeters

Industrial Technology (Engineering) is excellent for students interested in practical work, science or mathematics, or if they are interested in a future career as an engineer. However, none of this is required to succeed in or enjoy this class.

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