2 unit course

Course Summary

Drama is a rich and diverse art form. It is collaborative, involves a range of artistic skills, and offers students a valuable means of understanding, interpreting, and challenging their world. The Stage 6 program focuses on three broad objectives; making, performing, and critically studying drama. Through both study and hands-on experience, students explore a variety of dramatic forms, traditions and approaches to acting and creating group devised and individual projects. 

While this subject is largely practical in nature, the theoretical components are an essential part of the program and are often integrated into our practical workshops. Even in their written examinations, students must draw on both their theoretical study and first-hand experience of the set topics. 

What, if any, skills are needed?

There are no prerequisites for this subject.

Course Units
Year 11 Units Year 12 Units
Improvisation, Playbuilding and Acting
Dramatic Traditions in Australia
Elements of Production in Performance
Significant Plays of the 20th Century
Dramatic Form: Monologues
The Individual Project
Theatrical Traditions and Performance Styles
The Group Performance
Learning Experiences
  • OnStage & Writers OnStage/OnScreen - HSC Drama Showcase (Excursion)
  • Belvoir Theatre Workshops - Individual & Group Devised Performance (Incursion)
  • Live Theatrical Performances (Excursions, as available) 
Career Options

This subject provides a launching point for various roles within the film, television and theatrical industries. Beyond that, the emotional intelligence, confidence and communication skills developed here will enhance any career path.

Creative Arts

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