Food Technology

2 unit course

Course Summary

This course allows students to develop broad knowledge and understanding about nutrition, diet and health in Australia, food availability, and selection. Students investigate the Australian Food Industry, the production, processing, packaging, storage and distribution of food and food products marketing. Practical skills in developing, experimenting, planning, preparing and presenting food are integrated throughout the course.

This is NOT classed as a practical subject. The HSC exam is 3 hours, written paper only.

This course draws on many areas of study, including History, Geography, Business Studies, Biology and Chemistry.

Cooking is in 1 double lesson every cycle.

Assessment tasks are all written tasks for each unit of work. Most assessment tasks have a practical component.

What, if any, skills are needed?
  • Ability to cook, follow recipes independently and design recipes.
  • Advantageous if you have done Food Technology in Years 9 and 10.
  • Course work contains Food Science - Chemistry, and also Biology.
Course Units
Year 11 Units Year 12 Units
Food availability and Selection
Australian Food Industry (AFI)
Food Quality
Food Manufacture and Processing
Food Product Development
Learning Experiences
  • Year 12 - Excursion to Sydney Tower Restaurant for an Assessment Task case study
  • Visit local cafe to conduct a business SWOT analysis
Career Options

Food Industry and Health Industry roles including:

  • Dietitian
  • Chef
  • Cafe Manager
  • Food product development
  • Secondary Teacher


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