Mathematics Extension 1

1 unit course

Course Summary

Mathematics Extension 1 is focused on enabling students to develop a thorough understanding of and competence in further aspects of mathematics. The course provides opportunities to develop rigorous mathematical arguments and proofs and to use mathematical models more extensively. To attempt this course, students must also be enrolled in the Mathematics Advanced course.

Mathematics Extension 2 is another 1-unit course that may be studied in Year 12. If a student chooses this option, they will be required to study Advanced Mathematics, Extension 1 Mathematics and Extension 2 Mathematics.

This course requires students to complete a project in addition to regular classwork.

What, if any, skills are needed?

Year 10 - 5.3 level Maths (a mark of 85% or higher is recommended).

Course Units
Year 11 Units Year 12 Units
Trigonometric Functions
Trigonometric Functions
Statistical Analysis
Career Options

There are many options, including Science, Medicine, Engineering or Mathematics degrees.

Students intending to go to university to study any STEM degree (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) should choose Mathematics Advanced and are strongly advised to include Mathematics Extension 1 in Years 11 and 12 and, if possible, Mathematics Extension 2 in Year 12. 

Students aiming to study STEM degrees and degrees, which include STEM subjects (such as economics, psychology and commerce), are advised to choose the highest level of mathematics in Years 11 and 12 of which they might be capable. 


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