English Advanced

2 unit course

Course Summary

Students continue to explore opportunities that are offered by challenging texts to investigate complex and evocative ideas, to evaluate, emulate and employ powerful, creative and sophisticated ways to use language to make meaning, and to find enjoyment in literature. The English Advanced course is designed for students who have a particular interest and ability in the subject and who desire to engage with challenging learning experiences that will enrich their personal, intellectual, academic, social and vocational lives. Students appreciate, analyse and respond imaginatively and critically to literary texts drawn from a range of personal, social, historical and cultural contexts. Through their study of English students can become critical thinkers, and articulate and creative communicators. They extend and deepen their ability to use language in subtle, nuanced, inventive and complex ways to express experiences, ideas and emotions. They extend their experiences in researching, accessing, evaluating and synthesising information and perspectives from a range of sources to fulfil a variety of purposes (taken from NESA, 'Rationale for English Advanced' in Stage 6 Curriculum).

At the end of Year 12, English Advanced students will sit TWO external papers for the HSC Examination of this course (Paper 1 is 1.5 hours, and Paper 2 is 2 hours).

What, if any, skills are needed?
  • Year 10 English with results of 75% and above
  • an enjoyment of English as a subject
  • skill in reading texts independently and analytically
  • commitment to wide reading and engagement with the paratext (context and other textual material) of prescribed texts
  • awareness of the ways in which texts are constructed and how these communicate meaning
  • an accomplished ability to express ideas accurately and confidently in sustained and cohesive compositions
  • a capacity to think critically about information and ideas, and a keen desire to develop informed personal responses to literature
  • the ability to prioritise and organise time effectively for drafting, editing and re-drafting practices, including working with teachers and peers to craft writing.
Course Modules
Year 11 Modules Year 12 Modules
Reading to Write: A Transition to Senior English
Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences
Narratives that Shape Our World
Module A: Textual Conversations
A Critical Study of Literature
Module B: Critical Study of Literature
Module C: The Craft of Writing
Learning Experiences
  • Study days
  • Plays, as appropriate and available
  • Author talks

Year 11

Year 12

Career Options

English Standard and Advanced both allow students to develop their control of language for university study and lifelong learning in their careers and lives in a global world.


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