eVET & Distance Education

eVET courses (external VET) have been discussed with Year 10 students in Careers this term.

These courses are available through external providers (such as TAFE) and can be accessed by students out of school hours. For information about these courses, please visit the relevant websites. Please discuss this with Mrs Ula Paton before applying. 

A small selection of Distance Education courses are available through external providers.

There are limited places available for students to enrol in Distance Education courses. Students who wish to do this will need to apply through Mrs Ula Paton, our Director of Senior Studies.

Students who wish to do any of these types of courses will need to: 

  • Have previously maintained a passing grade average for all subjects.
  • Have passed Minimum Standards testing in Year 10. 
  • demonstrate initiative and self-motivation.
  • Have an interview with the Director of Senior Studies, who has agreed to sign them off (Distance Education subjects).
  • Demonstrate the ability to complete work as directed and on time.
  • Demonstrate time management of non-class times and agrees to ‘set’ Distance Education periods that a designated CCAS staff member manages.

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