Through the study of English in Stage 6, students continue to develop their capacity to understand and use the English language for various purposes and in various textual forms. Students engage with and explore various texts that include widely acknowledged quality literature of past and contemporary societies. By responding and composing both critical and creative texts, students develop an understanding of themselves and diverse human experiences and cultures. The study of English in Stage 6 provides students with opportunities to experiment with ideas and expression, become innovative, active, independent learners, collaborate and reflect on their learning. The study of one 2-unit English course is compulsory in Stage 6: English Advanced, English Standard or English Studies.

Do I need to study English in Year 11 and 12?


You must choose a two-unit English course. This is compulsory for the attainment of the Higher School Certificate. 

At CCAS, we run English Studies (2 unit), English Standard (2 unit) and English Advanced (2 unit).

​How do I know which two-unit English course to choose?

There are a few things to consider. 

Consider how you have performed in English academically in Year 10, and consider how much you enjoy English as a subject. You might also like to think about the collective workload of your pattern of study (e.g., choosing courses that are all highly challenging for you might be too overwhelming to sustain). 

Choose an English course that best aligns with your interests, performance in Year 10 English and plans for future study or vocation. 

If you are planning to go to university, you should choose English Standard or English Advanced. You should also consider if there are prerequisites for the course you hope to study. 

Read the information we have provided on each course and discuss any questions you have with your English teacher.

Can I do more English?


Any student in English Advanced could opt to undertake an additional English course: English Extension. 

We offer English Extension (1 unit) in Year 11, and English Extension 1 (1 unit) and English Extension 2 (1 unit) in Year 12. 

Please see the skills required section of the English Extension page to see if this course would be suitable for you. 

If I'm undecided between English Standard and English Advanced, what should I do?

If you meet the skills required for both of these courses (as listed on the course pages), choose the more challenging course. 

You can always change to the less challenging English course if you are finding the workload too demanding. However, you can't move from a less challenging English course to a more challenging course.

​Would it be better for me to choose English Studies and ace it rather than attempt English Standard or English Advanced?

The two-unit English courses are mapped on a common scale. 

The best advice is to choose the course that best suits your interests and abilities. 

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