Engineering Studies

2 unit course

Course Summary

Engineering Studies prepares students to formulate problems, provide solutions and integrate technical understanding to the world around them. Engineering as a profession has a duty to take responsible approaches to wealth creation, be ethical in its practices, and promote sustainability. With such key responsibilities, communication, synthesis and analysis of information, management skills and teamwork are vital. We hope that by developing an understanding of the built world, students will further appreciate the created world and develop greater awe of their Creator.

What, if any, skills are needed?

Strong natural ability in Mathematics and Science. 

Engineering Studies complements the study of Physics and/or Chemistry.

Course Units
Year 11 Modules Year 12 Modules
Engineering application module 1 – Engineering fundamentals
Engineering application module – Civil structures
Engineering application module 2 – Engineered products
Engineering application module – Personal and public transport
Engineering application module 3 – Braking systems
Engineering focus module – Aeronautical engineering
Engineering focus module 4 – Biomedical engineering
Engineering focus module – Telecommunications engineering
Learning Experiences

Theory on engineering practices, case studies on production techniques, force and motion analysis, reverse engineering products to understand their operations, manufacture of simple products.

Career Options
  • Engineering
  • Building and Construction
  • Logistics
  • Operations
  • Automotive

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