2 unit course

Course Summary

This course enables students to study the spatial and ecological dimensions of biophysical and human phenomena in a changing world. We explore the interactions between social, economic, and environmental issues.

Year 11

There are 3 Assessment Tasks (one being the final examination).

  • Biophysical Interactions consists of 45% course time
  • Global Challenges consists of 45% course time
  • Senior Geography Project consists of 10% course time

Year 12

There are 4 Assessment Tasks (one being the Trial Examination).

  • Ecosystems at Risk consists of 33.3% course time
  • Urban Places consists of 33.3% course time
  • People and Economic Activity consists of 33.3% course time
What, if any, skills are needed?

There are no prerequisites for this subject. 

Course Units
Year 11 Units Year 12 Units
Biophysical Interactions
Ecosystems at Risk
Global Challenges
Urban Places
Senior Geography Project
People and Economic Activity
Learning Experiences
  • Conduct your own geographic enquiry fieldwork in Year 11.
  • Participate in class fieldwork activities and attend a number of excursions. 
Career Options
  • Commercial/residential surveyor
  • Environmental consultant
  • Geographical information systems officer
  • Planning and development surveyor
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Town planner
  • International aid/development worker
  • Cartographer 


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