English Standard

2 unit course

Course Summary

The English Standard course is designed for students to increase their expertise in English to enhance their personal, educational, social and vocational lives. The English Standard course provides students with the opportunity to analyse, study and enjoy a breadth and variety of English texts to become confident and effective communicators. Students engage with texts that include widely acknowledged quality literature from the past and contemporary texts from Australia and other cultures. They explore language forms, features and structures of texts in a range of academic, personal, social, historical, cultural and workplace contexts. Students study, analyse, respond to and compose texts to extend experience, access information and assess its reliability. In their study of English students continue to develop their creative and critical faculties and broaden their capacity for cultural understanding. They further develop skills in literacy, and independent, collaborative and reflective learning (taken from NESA, 'Rationale for English Standard' in Stage 6 Curriculum).

At the end of Year 12, English Standard students will sit TWO external papers for the HSC Examination of this course (Paper 1 is 1.5 hours, and Paper 2 is 2 hours).

What, if any, skills are needed?
  • Year 10 English with results in the C-range and above
  • the desire to get an ATAR
  • a desire to consolidate and improve skills as a communicator (including preparing for post-school tertiary studies)
  • the ability the read accessible and literary texts and respond to these in a confident and clear manner
  • understanding of a range of forms, features and language devices of texts and how these communicate meaning
  • the ability to compose responses with appropriate register, structure and language concepts
  • a capacity to consider how texts broaden understanding of self and world
  • willingness to work with teachers to hone and strengthen responses through drafting and re-drafting.
Course Modules
Year 11 Modules Year 12 Modules
Reading to Write: A Transition to Senior English
Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences
Contemporary Possibilities
Module A: Language, Identity and Culture
A Close Study of Literature
Module B: Close Study of Literature
Module C: The Craft of Writing
Learning Experiences
  • Study days
  • Plays, as appropriate and available
  • Author talks
Novels, Texts, Podcasts & Films

Year 11

Year 12

Career Options

English Standard and Advanced both allow students to develop their control of language for university study and lifelong learning in their careers and lives in a global world.


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